Easy to mount, easy to adjust

PinBall is a wall mounted lamp that can be put up, moved and taken down with minimal effort. Home lighting is essential, but many lamps remain unmounted due to the effort it takes to put them up. With the PinBall you don’t have to drill holes or connect wires. Simply pin it up on the wall.

Due to its magnetic construction, the light can be adjusted in any preferred direction. The PinBall has a powerful battery that will last up to seven hours. Bring it when you travel, use it as a bedside lamp, highlight objects in your home or experiment with multiple PinBalls to set the mood. It´s easy, playful and the possibilities are endless.

Oskar Malm Presskit (21.68M)
Living & Behaviour LIGHT project
co-supervised by
Guest Professor Stefan Diez / DIEZ OFFICE and Leif Huff / IDEO
Spring 2017