A multi-purpose luminaire

Humans have a desire to change their light situations depending on the room, daytime, activity and emotions. We choose the surrounding of a dining table as an example to demonstrate how one lamp can fulfill different requirements over a whole day. Today tables become a workplace, a crafting and playing table, kids do their homework on it, it’s the place where we meet our friends, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lightsome is a lamp that can be used for several kinds of everyday life situations around this meeting point. By flipping over the body, the light changes. The horizontal orientation creates a general, dimmable light, while the vertical orientation spreads a concentrated bright spot on the table. A motion sensor enables the user to turn the lamp on and off and controls the brightness. Lightsome comes in black anodized aluminum as well as in a white plexiglas body.

Lisa MerkViola Vallon Presskit (62.79M)
Living & Behaviour LIGHT project
co-supervised by
Guest Professor Stefan Diez / DIEZ OFFICE and Leif Huff / IDEO
Spring 2017