A closer relationship with light

A series of ambient lamps for the home with removable hand-blown LED-bulbs that can be spread between the series or collected in the mother-lamp. In the age of apps and touchscreens, Gather aims to create an analogue feeling through digital lights. The lamps provide tactile interaction and promotes a relaxed ambient atmosphere for family and friends to gather around. Inspired by gathering wood for a campfire, the bulbs can be collected throughout the home and brought together to light up the dinner table. The series do not have bulbs for all sockets and forces the user to choose between one brighter light or several smaller ones. None of the lamps have power switches but the action of placing the bulbs will light the lamps. This action also allows for a manual dimming of the mother-lamp. When not in use the bulbs can be placed in a matching birch-wood bowl on the dinner table.

Evastina Pauly Presskit (60.42M)
Living & Behaviour LIGHT project
co-supervised by
Guest Professor Stefan Diez / DIEZ OFFICE and Leif Huff / IDEO
Spring 2017