Our lifestyle has a great impact on the Earth’s systems. It is clear that we need sustainable products and systems to reduce our environmental impact.

In the fall of 2019, the first year Master students got the opportunity to develop projects in collaboration with The Glass Factory, Boda and Bergdalahyttan. The ideawasnot only to develop glass products, but to understand the potential of this material applied in sustainable, cyclic systems for the future.

The students have been investigating and identifying linear systems that make an ever-growing senseless use of our resources, in order to propose alternatives that aim at bringing a positive change to our planet and its inhabitants.

The result is the exhibition Transparency – of glass and cyclic systems.

Lund University School of Industrial Design students are exhibiting 2x at
Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair at Stand C6:35. Visit light light.

4-8 February 2020

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