The bachelor programme (kandidatprogrammet*) guides students on their path towards developing an individual skill-set and their own stance in regards to their future profession.

The art of visualising and communicating ideas through sketching, prototyping and modelmaking, is introduced in skill-based courses and applied in design projects throughout the programme. Exposure to artistic, sociological and technological contexts and theories fosters students’ creative and intellectual flexibility. Through experience, students learn to embrace the uncertainty of the design process, challenging and re-interpreting it.

The bachelor programme is internationally oriented and offers students the knowledge and tools required to work interdisciplinarily on assignments proficiently in teams and independently. As future designers, students will become key agents of ethical systemic transformation, contributing to the advancement of long-term sustainable development.

*Though many courses are taught in English, the official language of the BA programme (Kandidatprogrammet) is Swedish. As such, admission to the full program requires Swedish competency.


2019 – Jakob Andersson


2019 – Axel Landström & Victor Isaksson Pirtti


2019 – Linnéa Hagborg & Ebba Kjellin

Curriculum Overview

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