The gap between human and nature has never been bigger. Our way of living is based on linear systems of unsustainable global resource flows and non-renewable toxic energy sources. These processes are so embedded in our cultural model that they are hard to see and change.

We are eagerly anticipating new technologies to solve our environmental issues but there is a risk we are only adding to an already unstable house of cards.

Could there be a point in looking backward as well as forward? Have the solutions for the future already been thought of by past generations?

ANALOGUE WAYS is twelve projects that aim to bring back traditional sustainable values to a modern context. By taking inspiration from the past of how to grow, make and live we are visualizing a cyclic lifestyle and a closer relation to the ecological systems and local resources.

Qingying / Jingbei Zheng

Femton / Ali Safa

The Workbox / Erik Arnell

Refill deo / Erik Ebberstein

Korka / Odin Brange Sollie

Suan / Buyue Yao

savtapp / Johan Bohman

Vaska / Pauline Matika

Grönt / Agnes Sjöberg

Hot Pot / May Kukula

hanging-tasty / Elena (Ke Xu)

Destruction & Regeneration / Andrés Mutis